For better deer and better soil. Trophy Radishes™
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Deer & Turkey Management Beyond Food Plots
Your guide to forest management, oaks, fruits, minerals, predators & more!

- 16 chapters written and edited by two certified wildlife biologists with 65 years combined management experience.
- 25 plant species profiles.
- Hundreds of photos.
- Easy to read and comprehend.
- Perfect companion to QDMAs Quality Food Plots.
- Complete, comprehensive management information never before compiled in one book.
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An acre of well-managed food plots can produce more deer forage than 100 acres of native habitat. Deer managers need a forage with this production that will also capture nutrients before they leach away, produce organic matter, and alleviate soil compaction.

Through field trials and scientific research, Trophy Radishes™ has been shown to be the newest and most exciting deer forage crop that fits this description.

Among the many advantages of Trophy Radishes are attraction, nutrition, improvement of soil quality, suppression of weeds and conservation of nutrients. Best of all, deer love them!

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Trophy Radishes™ can be planted for deer alone or as an integral part of a quality forage mixture. They are easy to grow and germinate very fast!

Trophy Radishes for deer provides strong seedling vigor, fast growing forage, high protein and excellent production of greens and root.

They provide great weed suppression both during their own growth and that of follow up crops.

When used in a mixture, do not exceed 5-lbs/acre or they will dominate and shade out companion crops!

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Besides excellent and abundant high protein deer forage, Trophy Radishes improve soil quality resulting in increased yields of companion crops or follow up crops.

They also benefit the soil by breaking up compaction, improving water infiltration, increasing organic matter and keeping the soil covered throughout the winter, thus preventing erosion.

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